Book #2 in the Sunrise Sisters Trilogy

Becca Parker is no stranger to heartache, and when her ex-fiancé returns to town, she knows better than to fall for his charms again, especially when she learns that his dreams once again conflict with her own.

When the storefront next to the bakery becomes available, the Sunrise Sisters see it as a perfect opportunity to expand—until Becca learns that they aren’t the only bidder on the space. Having Jonah back in Hope Hollow is hard enough, but when she realizes that standing by her family business might mean costing Jonah all he’s ever hoped for, she’s faced with the same choice she has questioned ever since their breakup.

Fulfilling his parents’ wish of having a restaurant in town is a dream Jonah once gave up on—and trying for it now might mean losing Becca for the second time. But as they spend more time together, he starts to realize that holding onto the past might end up costing him the future he really wants.