Blue Harbor #7

December is the most magical time of the year in Blue Harbor, with its garland-wrapped lampposts and twinkling storefronts, but pianist Jenna Conway’s favorite part of Christmas is always the music. When newcomer and temporary principal Travis Dunne announces cutbacks to the school’s holiday pageant, Jenna is reminded that not everyone is as eager as she is to uphold the community’s beloved traditions.
Helping to plan the Winter Carnival is just what Jenna needs to regain her Christmas spirit—until she’s paired up with a certain Scrooge. Jenna is determined not to let Travis steal any more of her holiday joy than he already has, but somewhere between the tree lighting ceremony and door-to-door caroling, Jenna discovers that there’s more to this handsome stranger than she first thought.
After bouncing around all his life, Travis still hasn’t found his home, but with the help of this small-town community—and one resident in particular—this season he may just find the true meaning of Christmas.

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