NSL finalBook #3 in the Sweeter in the City series.

Can friendship lead to forever?

Claire Wells just helped the only man she’s ever loved choose an engagement ring…for another woman. With her heart in pieces and her professional life in shambles, she turns to the one man she can always count on: her best friend. Ethan is more than just a shoulder to cry on—he’s sweet, and funny, and okay, easy on the eye. In many ways, he’s the perfect guy…aside from the fact that she’s looking for forever and he’s just looking for fun.

Ethan Parker is all too aware of his reputation as a ladies man. Inviting Claire to pose as his date for his cousin’s wedding seems like the perfect solution for them both—she needs a break from the city and he needs to show his family that he’s fully capable of committing to one woman. The trouble is, the more he pretends that Claire is his girlfriend, the more impossible it becomes to view her as just a friend…

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