Blue Harbor #9

Coming Spring 2022!

Heidi Clark has always lived a carefree life, even if not everyone approves. But this summer things are about to change, and for the better. She’s finally figured out her career path—if she can bring herself to take the leap—and she’s found a sweet little cottage to call her own.

Until she learns that it may not be her own at all…

Ryan Harrison couldn’t be more displeased at the thought of sharing a space with the town’s wild child, even if it’s just for the summer. He’s used to playing things safe and living a straightforward life, and everything about Heidi and this arrangement is messy.

Used to living life on the sidelines, Heidi challenges Ryan in every possible way…and starts to open more than his mind. But Ryan isn’t the only one protecting his heart, and when he asks Heidi to help save his family pub, Heidi realizes that some people in town still believe in her, and that maybe, she should believe in herself.