Oyster Bay #5

Licensed therapist Evie Donovan’s life plan was simple: work hard, stay focused, and everything would fall into place. Losing her dream job and having a summer fling were never part of that plan. Now, regrouped and recharged, she is ready to try again, and that means leaving behind the bartending job at her father’s restaurant and saying goodbye to those magical (and extremely uncharacteristic) romantic summer nights.

Writing an “Ask Evie” column for the local newspaper is the perfect transition to get her back on track. But her plan didn’t include the possibility of her summer fling turning into her permanent boss, or that the black and white world she has chosen to live in is turning a little grey.

Between fantasizing about her now off-limits boss and fielding emails from a half sister she’s never met, Evie begins to wonder if she can turn the helpful advice she’s known for onto herself. She’s used to letting her head be her guide, but for once, she might just be forced to follow her heart—even if it takes her a little off her carefully chosen path…


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