Blue Harbor #10

Coming August 2022!

Single mom Natalie Clark isn’t a stranger to struggle but when she loses her longtime hotel job, for once she worries that her small-town community may not be able to help her. Working at the Carriage House Inn would be a perfect solution if it weren’t for the romantic history she has with the owner’s son. No one in Blue Harbor knows how badly Jackson broke her heart all those years ago—not even Jackson. But facing him on a daily basis only reminds her of a past she would rather forget.

Jackson Bradford knows his reputation as confirmed bachelor and he lets it slide nearly as much as the assumption that he’ll be taking over his family’s inn—if his mother ever finally retires. When Natalie comes looking for a job, he can’t believe his luck, and not just because this will give his mother an excuse to step back from the business. Natalie is the only girl Jackson ever loved, and the one he let slip away. And the one he never forgot.

Thrown back together professionally, Natalie is determined to keep it that way. But can Jackson convince her to give him a second chance and a reason to stay in Blue Harbor?