Blue Harbor #5

When Brooke Conway left Blue Harbor six years ago, she said goodbye to more than just her friends and family. Newly married with big dreams and plans, the future she had envisioned took an unexpected turn, leaving her on her own in the life she and her husband were supposed to share. Now Brooke is back in town to open her bridal boutique, an irony that is not lost on her. Because while she may be giving other women the wedding dress of their dreams, she knows it’s time to end her marriage to Kyle Harrison once and for all.

Kyle has spent every day since Brooke left living with the choice he made, and her sudden appearance stirs up all those feelings he’s tried hard to forget. Brooke may have moved on in the time she was away, but the only thing that has changed for him is that the only girl he’s ever loved is no longer by his side. When Brooke tells him it’s time to officially go their separate ways, Kyle proposes something else. Six dates to make up for the six years they lost, and to see if they can still have a second chance before it’s too late.

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