Evening Island #3

When the Anderson sisters reunite for one last summer at their family’s cottage, a link to the past makes them rethink their futures…and their plans for the house that once felt like home.

Lisa Anderson always thought that one day, she’d pass the family’s lake house down to her daughter—but that was before her daughter started making plans of her own, or her business started to tank. Now, divorced, alone for the summer, and desperate to save her small gift shop, she does the unthinkable and returns to Evening Island, hoping a quick sale of the long-forgotten house can solve her problems. What she doesn’t expect is for it to open her heart.

Rachel may be an expert when it comes to other people’s marriages, but she has a creeping sensation that she’s failed at her own. With her personal and professional life in limbo, a reunion at the old lake house seems almost fated—if she believed in such a thing. But when a friendly stranger starts to become familiar, she starts to think about what she truly wants in life, and what she’s already given up.

Ashley is no stranger to heartache, which is exactly why she never plans to experience it again. Leaving the island was never easy but returning may be something she lives to regret. As memories of the past creep up as quickly as the prospect of a future she never dared envision, Ashley begins to wonder if she’s ready to say goodbye to this house again, or the man who just may have made her dare to believe in love.