Sweeter SunshineSweeter in the City #2

He’s falling in love with the girl next door…

Mary Harris has always looked on the bright side…until one too many setbacks leave her wondering why she sacrificed everything for a failing ice cream parlor. Hopelessly single, and still licking her wounds from her last break-up, she almost manages to believe that she doesn’t need a man when she has Sunshine Creamery, until the handsome guy next door has her second guessing herself, and her family’s business.

Ben Sullivan’s life was going exactly to plan—and he’s been picking up the pieces ever since it all blew up. Now a single dad, he’s determined not to let another woman mess with his heart again—or his daughter’s. He tells himself he’s only being neighborly by helping Mary repair some things in her shop, but the more time they spend together, the more he dares to wish for something he hasn’t even thought about in a long time: a future.